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I'm so glad I found this!!!

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Dec 30, 2014 at 11:42 PM
I almost installed ActiveForums on my forum Website which actually really needs a StackOverflow-like Q&A-module ... but then I found xChange in some hidden link somewhere in the Community Exchange on

It's kind of sad to see that there's not much activity currently going on here ... I'm currently in the process of finishing a book, so I'm super busy - but one thing I definitely need rather soon myself is a German localization. So that's one thing I can offer to contribute.

I also seemingly ran into some issues already (one might actually be related to the DNN platform itself - it's an error page popup when editing links, the other is that I get negative large times, like -3600 seconds as time when something was posted).

When things have settled down a little, I could probably also contribute. One thing that I will need some day soon is a "Feedback" kind of module (like, and I've seen it mentioned that this may fit in very well, so that could be something to look into.

Anyways, for now I just wanted to say I really appreciate the initiative and hope 2015 will really move this project forward because it's an awesome project!
Jan 1, 2015 at 9:32 PM
... so ... here's a Link to a German Localization (this is probably not a localization package you could import properly in DNN - I don't know how to create this ... but you can unpack this over the module folder and it should work, or simply add it to the project ;-) )

xChange German Localization / Deutsche Lokalisierung