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Adding tags to questions is very broken


I've set up a really nice list of tags that people should use in Taxonomy and some of the terms I've added there also do show up when I try to add tags to a new question. However, there's no obvious logic which tags would appear.

For example: I have "Stichwortverzeichnis", and when I enter "St", "Stichwortverzeichnis" does appear as expected. But I also have "Meta" defined - but when I enter "Me", I don't get "Meta" but instead "Partikelsysteme" (which I have also defined but which has nothing to do with "Me" except "partikelsysteME").

I also have "Animation" - but "An" results in ... nothing.

Another issue is that Tags that I entered are added automatically without me doing anything. Like, just for the testing I now have "An, Me, St, Ver" ... with one of them I hit enter. To make matter worse: When I hit delete on the first tag, the last one gets deleted. When I try to delete the last one, nothing happens. In fact, after some playing around, nothing happens at all when I try to delete any of the tags.

Another thing I've noticed: I can add 20 tags even though I have set up 5 maximum (and another issue: I cannot increase the maximum to a value above 5, even if I want to). But when I do that, not a single one gets stored and the question is saved without a single tag (also no error/warning message).

This is all happening on Safari on Mac - but I've also checked against Firefox. Some of it also is broken in IE.

Another issue: When I type "St" and then click on "Stichwortverzeichnis" after that appeared, "St" is added (instead of Stichwortverzeichnis as expected).

So ... to sum it up: This feature needs quite a bit of work. This might be the biggest issue currently because tagging is really important. So unless someone else fixes it before I get to it, I'll give it a shot.