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The way terms are added needs some serious review and consolidation. Currently, we have a lot of duplicate entries and probably also quite a bit of old/redundant/inconsistent stuff (e.g. Tags vs. Terms).

Ideally, there should only be one resources file, or maybe two (one for all terms, another one for lengthy descriptions e.g. the privileges).

Also, there's a few areas where proper formatting is not possible because the terms defined in the resources files are concatenated to other text (so languages requiring different order of parts of a sentence simply cannot be properly done).

There is now a German localization also available ( This could/should also be used for testing the layout because German is a rather "long" language which results in some troubles with the current layout (e.g. "Antworten" which is the translation for "Answers" doesn't fit into the box). Maybe we could have other "long languages" to make this a little more failsafe.

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