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Moderator options in DNN xChange

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Sep 9, 2013 at 11:30 AM
Currently the "moderator options" in the Q&A module is not something you "assign" to a specific user, but something they "earn" as part of their reputation level.

I don't think that we need to change this functionality, but maybe extend it with some more advanced moderation features and a way were you're able to "assign" it to users as part of a permission role. Then if you don't want users to be able to "earn" the permission to become a "mini-moderator" then you can always set the required reputation points so high that nobody would be able to earn them.

For me a system which have good "moderation options" is a system where assigned moderators are able to moderate posts made to the system, which are against the guide lines for the site, typically either due to bad/unwanted language or unwanted content (incl. spam or advertising). The moderators should be able to delete or edit posts, and eventually block/ban users for a cool-down period or even permanently. When a category structure has been developed/implemented they should also be able to move a question to another category, if mis-posted. Some sites would also like to have the option of require that either all posts (either just questions or answers or both) to be approved before becoming visible to "normal" users.

A lot of this functionality already works this way today, as long as the user have earned the required number of reputation points. And if we make a way where the admin/moderator is able to remove points from specific users (or even assign specific users additional points), then we can also set a user back where all his/her posts have to be approved before posting.

If we could assign a moderator to a specific category, then the "flag" notification should not go to the administrator, but to the moderator. If there are multiple moderators then the question is if the notification should go to all moderators or not. As far as I remember then it currently only goes to the admin, where he can handle it directly from his notification page. If multiple moderators, then there should just be a notification that "posts for moderation exists" and clicking it should lead to a "moderation page" where all open notification should be listed.

ANTI-SPAM functions
I also think that we the system to be integrated with an effective spam filter. On my current site my spam filter picks up between 50 and 150 spam post per day! Akismet ( could be an option, but maybe there are other solutions available which are more up-to-date.

Still a spam-filter doesn't pick up everything. Often we have users who does nothing but posting misc. links to other websites etc. And often I don't see these posts until much later when the user maybe have posted a lot of posts. Here I like the function which exists on LinkedIn Groups to "Delete & Block", where one click blocks the user from logging in again and deletes all the users posts.

Sorry for the long post. Not really expecting to see everything in DNNxChange next week, but see it as ideas for what to build in the future.

What do you think?