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DNNxChange under Social Groups: Security and Categories

Topics: Improvement
Aug 18, 2013 at 6:14 PM
I think that it's great that DNNxChange works under the Social Groups.

But personally the way I'm planning on using the Social Groups under DNN is to have a few of them as my main groups, and then allow my members to manage their own local groups. And for these groups there should be no access to the Questions and Answers module. So a setting which somehow would allow me to remove the module from individual social groups would be very welcome.

Another feature I would like to see under the social groups is to have the ability to assign a specific category to questions made under a specific social group. This way it will be easier to bind related questions to content in the rest of the system. Eventually it would even be possible to add multiple categories to each question and hereby have it show up in multiple groups.