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New version ? - How it all started

Jul 9, 2013 at 10:34 PM
Edited Jul 10, 2013 at 1:07 PM
Reported on: Jun 23 at 1:20 AM
Reported by: obenito

New version?

Is there any plan about a new versión of Q&A?

Thank's in advance

gdemotchkine wrote Jul 1 at 3:55 PM

I also join in the appeal. Anyone out there who wants to code some improvements, so that we can test :) ?

This is really a great DNN module, with good design, and great features.
I actually prefer it to the new Dnn Social platform (judging from the DotNetNuke site that is)...

And best of all it's free.
Now if we could add some new features - like badges/medals, have some integration with DNN Groups, Have a multilingual Tag dictionary, maybe add categories ?

babureddy wrote Jul 2 at 12:10 AM

I am working on this one. I asked for permission to update the code, but nobody responded, so went ahead with changes. I have added integration with DNN groups. I am using it, you can check it on the site
If anyone over here is interested, mail me at and I can send you the installer.

toddbert wrote Jul 2 at 12:55 AM

Since there hasn't been any response and the code hasn't been updated in over a year, it might require a different approach. I ts difficult to see much motivation for DNN itself to continue development as it will compete with the social platform.

Since the code is licensed under the MIT License, I don't believe there is nothing stopping us taking the current code and starting a new project to continue development provided
'The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software"

Is anyone else interested?

intelligent wrote Jul 2 at 9:03 PM

Count me in - for whatever capacities i can help with (not much on coding, but a bunch with layout, css, etc)

gdemotchkine wrote Jul 2 at 11:51 PM

Hey that's great, let's keep the momentum going.
I've starting test Babureddy's version, with social groups integration. Looking good!
I think I'll be sending you some bugs and improvement requests Babu :) but this social groups integration makes me one happy camper!

So let's keep this discussion going and invite other people to join. I'm sure codeplex is crawling with peope bitter about 12000/year DNN Social and interested in participating in a project such as this.

Things that come to mind:
■Badges like Stack for bragging rights on Profile Page
■Multilingual Tag Dictionary
■I take the suggestion of Intelligent for css - would be great if we could make this module templatable (I do like the original design, it's great, but maybe not brilliant with some sites/skins)
■ If anyone's interested could be an interesting idea (without starting a new project) to use this module as a Community Voice (thanks DNNCorp for not sharing)

gdemotchkine wrote Jul 3 at 12:00 AM

■Multilevel Menu and Category System (tags are great, but categories and child categories displayed in a menu system are both attractive design and navigational aid; why ? you could have a hundred questions about computers that use a hundred different tags, but never using the category computers. so the tag system makes it impossible to simply browse things by a specific subject matter and this gets reaaally tedious if you have a site with even 1000 + questions. The advantage of categories and child categories is that it's administrator that defines let's say 10 categories and a few child categories for each one and then they are nicely displayed in a horizontal menu system at the top of the page. of course both Menu navigation and Category usage should optionally enabled/disabled by admin in module settings.

obenito wrote Jul 3 at 12:20 AM

Uau! I've created a monster!!!


babureddy wrote Jul 3 at 5:28 PM

I'll wait for the list of bugs gdemotchkine. Regarding the new features we should first look at controlling the look and feel through css.
Hope someone can help me on that, since I am already tied up with other stuff (not related to Q&A).

intelligent wrote Thu at 7:37 PM

I've got a CSS and layout modified version, and can allocate some time this next week. Tell me how to best share that. Maybe I should setup a DNN and instance on a server for us?

babureddy wrote Thu at 8:48 PM

If you have it running anywhere, let me know. I will have a look at it. or are there any screen shots to check out the CSS and layout modification that you have done?

gdemotchkine wrote Thu at 10:23 PM

Could you send me your files so that I can have a look on localhost ? (I suppose i do not need to install, just overwrite some files in the module folder? )

I have a shared environment that I am using for testing dnn before, it's nothing too powerful, but decent. Up to you if you want to set one up or use mine.

IMHO, For CSS and templates, we should create 2 options in the module settings:
Templates (choose template in the Q&A templates folder)
Module Skin (choose css in Q&A css folder)

Does Q&A use tokens for templates?

obenito wrote Thu at 11:08 PM

I can provide a host installation with the las DNN versión if you need.

gdemotchkine wrote Fri at 10:48 AM

Excellent, now we are four.

I'll try to figure something out in terms of getting acces to this project or if not creating a new project on codeplex.

Obenito or Intelligent, I take you up on your suggestions for hosting. Maybe compare your server specs to decide which one hosts, or maybe it's better for Obenito to host, coordinate and deploy release packages and release notes, so that Intelligent can concentrate on templating and css.

Let us know by email the connection details, when you decide who hosts.

Until we get our space in codeplex, we could also use our dnn as a roadmap/task tracker (Maybe DNNRoadmap module which is not too bad)

gdemotchkine wrote Fri at 10:52 AM

Excellent, now we are four, maybe five .? = > I see Toddbert also was interested.
Let us know what your ideas are and how can you contribute (code?)

toddbert wrote Fri at 11:47 PM
Count me in. I'm .net developer so happy to help with coding etc

babureddy wrote Sat at 3:27 PM
I am planning to create a new project. Please suggest some name for it?
Planning to include features from Blog, Forum, Q&A, Events for now. So let it be something based on all these.

obenito wrote Sat at 10:32 PM

Hi barureddy:
Active Forums, DNN Blog and especially DNN Events led by Roger Selwin... are active projects.
I think it's better to concentrate our efforts on the abandoned Project. Isn't it?

toddbert wrote Sat at 11:20 PM

Agreed. Although down the track it would be good to adapt it to provide a "community voice" style functionality and its not really that different.

Name wise:

Community Wisdom, Knowledge Hub, Asked and Answered

intelligent wrote Sun at 5:58 AM

I'm glad to assist a soon as I return from the 4th of July holiday - Monday the 8th.

babureddy wrote Sun at 8:26 AM

Guys, its not, I agree that all the other projects are live and kicking. Am not going to fork them all separately and create a new one.
I am all about building some kind of integration between these projects, which also my requirement.
That is how I started to work on the Q&A module.
Thanks @Toddbert for the names.

gdemotchkine wrote Mon at 11:17 AM
For the names I cannot think of anything better than DNN xChange -(DNN Exchange) or something along these lines.
The names captures both the spirit of Q&A and Voice (ideas)

I'm still hoping to getting through to the coordinators of the Q&A module to get access so we can start work.
If it fails, we start the new project.

How about creating a new project on GitHub for now and we can post the link to our next release as a new issue here.

For the profile integration module, I'm 100% behind, it's a major thing that is missing from DNN.
I'd suggest to barebuddy to create a new codeplex project for this.

babureddy wrote Mon at 3:17 PM

DNN xChange seems to be good.
We should take a single step at a time. First priority is to release a new version of Q&A with group integration, may be with new templates & skin support.
@intelligent @gdemotchkine and others who are interested in the project, we should all fix up sometime and meet up online, either through Skype conf or hangouts. Since we are scattered around the world, if someone can fix up a suitable time?
We should do it ASAP, so that we can plan for a release soon.

obenito wrote Mon at 4:20 PM

babureddy, I've got a Lync account in Office365 so I can host the meeting. I'm in Spain (GMT +1)

gdemotchkine wrote Mon at 5:04 PM
I'm also in GMT+1 (France. )
On workdays I'd only be available later in the evening starting from around 8-9 pm which might late for some people on later timezones...

toddbert wrote Today at 12:43 AM

+1 for the name DNN xChange
+1 for setting up a new github/codeplex project (I dont expect we will get any response from DNN)
+1 for integrating the social changes and some templateing to get an ainitial version released to start building some interest in the community.

Given that some people have already done great work in terms of functionality and styling I'm happy to help out with testing and documentation for the initial release.

I'm in AUstralia (GMT+10). If most people are near GMT and we could organise a session for your evening that would be early morning here which is suits me.

toddbert wrote Today at 1:11 AM

Since The DNN Forge is integrated with codeplex its probably best to host the project there. If you create the project through the forge site the linkages are created automatically.

I'm happy to set that up today using the DNN xChange name if no-one objects

toddbert wrote Today at 2:59 AM

Actually they support github too. What do people prefer?
Jul 9, 2013 at 10:35 PM
gdemotchkine wrote Today at 3:33 AM

Well it seems like the DNN Forge is the key link here as it integrates with both Codeplex and GitHub.

So I'd say we do all 3, but we start at DNN Forge.
All the dnn newbies I'd expect would firstly come to the forge anyway :)

intelligent wrote Today at 8:20 AM

I'm US, Pacific Northwest (GMT -7) so I often meet with Europe's evening and Australia's morning as I'm self-employed and flexible.

+1 on DNN xChange as a name.

Once a project is setup I can post a zip of my Q&A css and file modifications for everyone to cut up.

I invited Chris Hammond to join us. Please drop by his DNN chat and do the same. He and Oliver Hind are very crafty and great resources if available for assistance or feedback. See:

Thanks for everyone's interest and commitment.

babureddy wrote Today at 9:18 AM

@intelligent, I have created a new project... named it "DNN xChange" and it can be accessed at Have not published it, but I have included all the others who were actively participating in our discussions for the last few days.
Others who are interested can let me know.
I am from Bangalore,India (GMT +5.30).

The interest in the module seems to be building up. Let us gear up to release the next version.

Thanks everyone..

babureddy wrote Today at 10:11 AM

Modified the project url to

turnerl wrote Today at 10:48 PM

I will help with any UX/UI design needed/hosting/beta testing etc., if needed. I would love to see this module succeed including introducing all the features outlined above for badges, etc., along with driving other modules such as task manager, social groups, gamification, etc.,